Maximum overload reached! (but still some action…)

You’ve noticed that the update frequency of the blog have slowdown by the past two weeks. I am literally overloaded with many things, and too few times to catch up with the blog for now.

But there are some interesting news:

The first one, is that I am leaving In-Fusio/Mobilescope. The In-Fusio times were great for me and we have created some extraordinary things, but after many years as CTO of In-Fusio, then MobileScope it’s time for me to move on and explore new areas….
if you follow this blog, you probably now my two hot topics: Mobile Widgets, and Geolocalisation.
I will move to Mobease with a CTO role. It’s quite certain that 2007 will be good for mobile widgets, so it will be a perfect year for the Mobease product launch: mobidgets . We did not communicate a lot, but there are great things hapenning behind the scene.

For the Geolocalisation topic, there are some on-going movements around J2memap that will be disclosed in the near future.

I will be also at the 3Gsm, in Barcelona, so let’s meet there if you think that we have some common topics! (and even if not!)
I also have a few post about some interesting project that we were working on at MobileScope that I’ll publish before the end of the week.

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Carnival of the mobilists #58

Photo by Rick Takagi AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved.
Here is carnival number #58 with a huge section on the big topic of the week, which is of course the iPhone announcement from Apple. Here are the posts discussing it:

But there is a life outside the iPhone:

That’s all for this week, plenty of usefull reading while some of you are waiting for your next iPhone!

Next week host is Xellular Identity

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the show is over, so when iPhone clones will come?

Now that excitement of the discovery is gone, I take some time to have a deeper analysis of the announce. Beyond of what seems to be one of the best UI, there are many issue that are still open:
  • WiFi, but no 3G. Both are complementary, and it’s so hard today to find a WiFi hotspot than 3G remains frequently the best alternative. Anyway, it might be the reason why the phone is only expected Q4’07 in Europe.
  • Not extensible by third parties (only Apple or Cingular probably)! So, why putting Mac OS-X if you can not add any application? Seems that we are back to the closed garden!
  • No iTune sync OTA or through WiFi? Is it a phone or not??? Not sure that operators will be happy with this, or may be it’s an attempt to sell more Mac? :-)

Another question, is it a “real” Mac Os-X, or a “Mac Os-X mobile“. Apple claims that it’s real, but remembers that there are versions of it without any hard drive. Can you put a full Mac OS X on a device without hard drive? It will be probably in the 512 Meg to 1 Gig range, without any ability to easily be expanded. I am not sure, but I guess that it’s the equivalent of Windows Mobile for Windows….

The other strange statement is the “support for Cingular“? Does this mean that it won’t be supported for other operators? Do I have to wait for Apple to get an agreement with all operators to get such phone?

Other annoying things, but that are less important:

  • No expandable memory (does this mean no memory card?)
  • No removable battery (still incredible)
  • No exchange or office support (I do not care of this, but it just gives some clues about the fact that it might be a closed approach)

Now, what is sure, is that Apple pushed the expectation to the next level, but I am not sure than they will get all the benefit of it. I guess it will be much easiest now for a third party to “copy” some of these features (or to be inspired by it). On the MP3 market, it’s already the case: Apple is not any more a real innovator, and many third parties players are much easiest to use, and cheaper than Apple one. Apple seems to have a lot of patent here, but will it be enough to block their competitors? Having a closed garden approach might prevent huge platform adoption….

Look at the iPod games: as far as I know, no extra games has been
deployed since the initial announce…. Too complex? Too closed? Too

Of course, the first “iPhone” clones will be disappointing. The will look the same, but won’t have the same usability. Biggest player will make efforts, and will try to differentiate. They make money from hardware, not services, so they do not have any interest to “close” their phones. In fact, I think that this will open doors for software provider to team with manufacturers to quickly provide some features of this level.

But I still think that it’s a great device (I want one!), that contains a lot of really cool innovation. I am just questionning the Apple strategic choices….

A few interesting links:

Apple Missed Opportunity

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IPhone finally announced, and seems to be a killer

Honestly, I was doubtfull about the capacity of Apple to really re-invent the phone, and I must admit I was wrong. If the iPhone really fulfill his promise, it will be a killer phone…. Much better than all the iPods, a sooo good looking UI, and some incredibly good features! Really hard not to be excited by this one. Thousands miles aways of a boring Windows Mobile, or a bad looking Symbian phone…Just one word: congratulation!

The widget part seems to be quite good too…


Definitively pushing the barrier to the next level…. My first Mac might be a phone!
Much more pictures and informations at Engadget….

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5 things you don’t know about me

 Well, seems that I’ve also been tagged for “5 things you don’t know about me”, but twice! The objective of the game is to give five “unknown” facts about you, and spread this virally to five other people…

  So this came from Seb and Wendong!

  • I started to work as a game developer for UbiSoft during my student period. Ported a crap game, and had to get a serious job in the telecommunications later on.

  • I was in Africa (Zaïre that came later Republic Democratic of Congo) and enjoyed some civil war
  • I’ve made a lot of pirate TV decoders during my engineering school! (for
  • I am now a definitive Ruby On Rails addict! The best productivity boost since I’ve discovered Java, 11 years ago.

  • I own a collection of “museum computers and console”, like Vectrex, ZX81,  Colecovision, Atari Lynx, Gizmodo, etc….

  So, let’s follow the link with a few suggestions for the next providers of these five facts:

- Pascal Darre
- tmenguy (everything and the software universe)
- Philiipe Kerignard (truc de ouf in French)
- Fred Brunel
- Alexander Cassovici ( Mobitrends)

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Yahoo!Go 2.0 is out, but beta is already full

The new Yahoo! Go 2.0 is out, but it seems already impossible to download it, as the beta is closed due to too high number of downloads. The result seems quite impressive, and now it works also on J2me. So as predicted (yes, this is in my 2007 predictions, but they are not yet published!), Yahoo is following Google (and soon Microsoft) in providing high quality frontend in J2me to their services…

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