Mobile Ajax and security

  Does security will raise some complex issue for Ajax based app?

 One of the benefits of Ajax is that the “application” does not reside on the client, but is downloaded each time you access to the server eventually with some caching mechanisms. This mean that transparently the application can evolve, include new features, etc…

 One of the well know weakness of browser based app, is the fact that these application can not access to local resources of the device, like Bluetooth, address book, GPS, etc…

 One of the possible (and probable) evolutions will be to provide some specific API to these applications to access to local resources. Fine, but this raises more the security problem: would you give an unlimited right to any browser app to access to your private data? Of course no, but then, how to manage this: by providing a certificate per session? But disabling access to this device?

  For downloaded app, the solution as been solved by putting a certificate mechanism. This provides some advantage, as only the “trusted” application can be downloaded. The disadvantage is that it’s very costly, in
terms of money, time . But in all cases, this can not be applied directly to Ajax based app…

  I have no clue on how this will be solved, I am just worried to this issue has not been addressed by promoters of the “full Ajax” solutions for mobile…

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Nokia talk at GDC

Unfortunatly, I was not at the GDC this year. However, Nokia put online some of the GDC talk on their developer site. Check this presentation about the future of the NGage, especially in the community area…

Check the video on Nokia site.
There is a demo of the upcoming N-Gage deck:

One interesting indea, is the “NGP”, no too far from a loyalty point approach. In the demo, the first time the player plays snake, he is asked to put his nickname If he does this, he is award 20 points of NGP….

What is clearely great is the deep link between the game and the platform, the NGP points are awarded and displayed DURING the game, and not outside the game….

The profile of course can be customized. In the demo, the guy is taking a picture of himself to modify his gamer profile….

And of course, the UI is very smooth and clean, with nice transition, etc……

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XMLSucks? .. Maybe

I am using
XML since several years, and I’ve wondered several time why this is a so
complex description language. For me, the biggest issue with XML is that it
fails in an area where it should be perfect: being human readable. Reading a
complex XML document is a nightmare, writing/modifying XML based configurations
files also, and even with some tools, its seems just a complex way to do simple
I was thinking that I may have some “personals” issues, with XML, but
it seems that I am not alone, and this site proofs this:
(but you have to use it anyway), contains what I think is a very good
presentation of PRO and CON of XML. It’s a 2002 document, but still valid in
think, especially with the conclusion:

  • XML does suck technologically, but:
  • the technological problems can be managed
  • the political and commercial advantages of working with the same open
    standard as everyone are enormous
  • XML is here to stay…

And there is no dubt that due to the interoperability, there are a lot of advantages of using XML, it’s just that it could have been done even better….

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More great UI idea…

Another great and innovative UI, “My social fabric“, from Steven Blyth:

What it is: The Social Fabric is a
representation of your social world, displayed as a single visual array
on your mobile phone. It does not replace your address book or calendar
but keeps you subtly informed about which relationships are prospering,
which you have neglected, and the overall state of your social fabric.

Through Mobiface

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mPowerplay and J2memap

First, I’ve finally went upgraded J2memap with some important functions. search is now fixed (but not yet direction), but more important, a some memory allocation issue on Nokia has been fixed.
I take the occasion of this note to “introduce” mPowerplay. This fantastic tool enable you to display any midlet on the web, without any change, just by adding ” before the URL of the midlet you want to display, and ending with “.jnlp”. Of course, you can protect your midlet if you want, for demo games for instance. I am just surprised to see that no so many developers are using it. See the result on J2memap: J2meMap_Beta

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